Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naya's School in Oxford

The second half of Naya's third grade year will be at a primary school in Oxford.  By their way of divising things, she'll be labeled a 4th grader & will be in Ms. Christensen's combined 3rd and 4th grade class.  Super tiny school despite Oxford's 100,000 people & it looks like it'll be a good nest for her to land in.  You can check out their website with a guided audio/visual tour with great accents at:

Naya wants me to tell you all that she is nervous about making new friends & excited about hearing people with different accents, seeing our new house, and walking past swans every day.  & of course there are choquettes for the month of April in Paris to look forward to...and Eurodisney!

Our house in Oxford

Just secured a small room in what looks from across the Atlantic to be a nice house, nice neighborhood, three blocks from Naya's school in Oxford.  

Letters, handwriting, and knocks on doors always preferred to email & texts! 

Naya's school is on Vicarage Road.  See pictures & satellite map of the house here:
We're paying over twice the amount of our Whitefish mortgage for one double bed and to be roommates with three Oxford grad students.  Though we do get to walk past swans in a lake on the walk to school.  Cheers to the Great British Pound.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Six weeks until departure

Today I have in hand the deposit from Ladybug's nanny who will watch her while we are away, two tickets from Kalispell to London on December 30th, a reservation at a B & B in Bloomsbury (Woolfie's stomping ground) on New Year's Eve, complete with full English spread in the morning (beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and eggs all in one god-awful heap), two train tickets from London's Paddington station direct to Oxford on New Year's Day at 2pm.  It surely is happening now!